Options & Finishing

Many of these customized accessories are available as optional upgrades when you order your Clipper Canoe (several are standard features on selected models). You can also find additional information and images on these options on the Clipper Performance System page and on the Canoe Accessories page.

Canadian Canoe Options


Lashing points for gear tie-down. These d-rings can be installed throughout the canoe to provide the necessary lashing points to keep gear from shifting, in addition to keeping the load together in the event of an upset.

Northwater Expedition Spray Skirt for Canoe

Northwater Expedition Spray Skirt – $849.99 (Tandem)

A canoe spray deck that fits the dimensions of your boat with the functions you require. Keeps you and your gear dry and comfortable in bad weather. Click here for Northwater Spray Skirt options.  Installation Included.

Foam Wedge Thigh Pads Canoe Options

Foam Wedge Thigh Pads – $24.95

One of the must have upgrades for any ‘seated’ canoeist. These four pads glue onto the inside of the canoe and allow you to lock your knees to the side of the canoe, providing better control. Available with peel and stick, self adhesive backing.

Footbrace – $55

By placing the balls of your feet against the bar, you are able to pull the canoe forward using your whole body. If your feet are not braced, the only thing pulling the canoe forward with your stroke is the friction of the seat of your pants on the seat. The footbrace is telescopic and is adjustable for different sized paddlers. Standard on most models.

Gunnel Cover Canoe

Gunnel Cover $45

Plastic gunnel protector. Available in black or white. Gunnel cover will add 3-4 lbs. to the canoe’s overall weight, but is a suggested upgrade when storing your canoe on the gunnel, or when high impact is expected on the gunnels. $75 to add on canoes that are already built.

Sliding Bow Seat Canoe

Sliding Bow Seat – $80

Easily adjust the trim of your canoe so that it rides level, taking advantage of the sharp entry line for steering purposes; also handy if you find yourself with ‘oncoming’ seas. Rather than take water over the bow, slide the seat back so the bow rides up over the waves. Installed

Wilderness Last System Canoe Options

Wilderness Lash System – $65

Lashing kit for wilderness tripping and for moving water. Lashing kit adjusts to tie gear down to prevent your load from shifting during turbulent paddling. (8) d-rings are glued to the bottom of the hull. Nylon webbing is secured to the d-rings which lashes the gear down with snapping buckles. Installed.  View Lash Kit Instructions or Download Lash Kit Instructions

Canoe Yokes Options and Finishings

Yokes – $40 to $85

Flat or upgrade to deep dish yoke: A must have for portaging, yokes will make carrying your canoe easier. For the ultimate in comfort, add the deep dish yoke to your canoe. This yoke moulds to the shape of the shoulders and neck, making the portage a little more comfortable.