Motor Mount for Canoe

Canoe Motor Mount – $89.95

Our motor mounts, by Colonial Castings are suited for 1- to 2.5-hp motors. These motor mounts clamp quickly and easily onto the gunnels behind the stern seat and provide an easy-access mount location for the small electric motor.

Flat Canoe Yoke

Scoop Canoe Yoke

Yoke Hardware Canoe Accessories

Flat – $40

Slipstream flat wood yoke, great for short portages. For longer portages check out the scooped yoke.

Scooped – $85

Slipstream scooped yoke makes portaging your canoe easier on your neck and shoulder muscles. The contoured shape of this visually appealing yoke moulds to the shape of your shoulders and neck, making your portage a little easier.
Yoke length: 36″

Hardware – $8

Kit to install your wood yoke or thwart. Comes with aluminum C-channel & (4) mounting screws.

Canoe Accessories

Cam Straps – $8.95 – $10.95

Cam straps are the quickest, simplest and safest way to secure a canoe to your cartop. A padded buckle protects the canoe from scratching. “Available in 10′, 12′ and 15′ lengths. Most kayaks will use a pair of 10′ straps and for most canoes a pair of 12′ straps are suitable.”

Canoe Rowing Rig 250 x 150

Canoe Rowing Rig – $89.95

Using your canoe solo?  Try a Canoe Rowing Rig.  This rig mounts easily to a wooden thwart and adjusts along the gunnels. Attach some oars; recommended length between 6-8′.  Some canoes may need to have a center seat installed.  Great option for fishing and recreation.