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Installing A Wooden Yoke

Download the Wood Yoke Kit Printable here.

This kit contains:

  • 1 Wooden Yoke
  • 2 Pieces of Aluminum Channel/Metal Bracket Support
  • 4 Screws

You will need:

  • A drill with a 3/16″ drill bit (#11)

This Yoke can be installed in front of the center thwart or you may remove the center thwart and install the yoke in its place.

*To determine the center balance point, see ‘Appendix A’ below*


  1. With the center of the thwart still in place, measure the distance between points A & B (See printable version). Then lightly mark the center on your yoke. Measure equal distances from the center (eg. 17″), this will give you the length your yoke has to be trimmed.
  2. Use the metal brackets as a guide and mark the inside of the gunnels where the yoke is installed. Drill two holes per side to accept the screws.
  3. Use the metal brackets as a guide and mark the ends of the yoke and drill pilot holes. CAUTION: Pilot holes must be smaller than the diameter of the screw.
  4. Install screw holes through gunnel, metal bracket and into the yoke.(See printable version)

‘Appendix A’

To determine the yoke position or center balance point.

Before drilling out the center thwart or even if your canoe has no thwart, have a second person lift the canoe at the gunnel at the midpoint and you do the same on the near side. The canoe should be slightly stern heavy. If the canoe isn’t stern heavy, move yourselves a bit forward and try again. When you find the correct balance point – slide the yoke in and mark the gunnel on either side.