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18′ Jensen Stock


A shallow arch hull makes it stable, and the slight tumblehome makes it easy to paddle.


The 18′ Jensen Stock is a great tripping canoe. A shallow arch hull makes it stable, and the slight tumblehome makes it easy to paddle. If you’re planning extended trips in the north country and don’t plan on paddling grade 2+ whitewater, the 18′ Stock could be the canoe you have been waiting for. The “Stock” offers general purpose paddling with capacity, handling and speed.

At the 4″ waterline, it is 15% of its width, which meets the regulations for the “stock” class in many U.S. races. The 18′ Jensen Stock tracks well and resists turning. To turn it quickly, lean it away from the side you are turning to. This canoe is well suited for wilderness trips where a minimum of rough water is encountered and a need for speed is desired. Enjoy a good blend of general purpose paddling with capacity and speed.


Standard Features: 

  • Bucket Seats
  • Footbrace
  • Flotation Tanks
  • Sliding Bow Seat
  • Center Thwart
  • Bow & Stern Thwarts
  • Foam Core


  • Vinyl Gunnel Covers
  • Black Trim Package
  • Wood Trim Package
  • Foam Thigh Pads
  • Wilderness Lash System
  • Yoke (Contoured or Flat)
  • Expedition Skirt

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  • Length: 18′
  • Beam: 33″  |  32.5″ (@ 4″Waterline)
  • Bow Height: 19″
  • Stern Height: 18″
  • Center Height: 13″


  • Fiberglass: 62 lbs with Foam Core
  • Kevlar®: 56 lbs
  • Ultralight: 52 lbs
  • Custom Kevlar®: 44 lbs

Printable 18′ Jensen Stock Specification Sheet



  • Fiberglass/Foam Core: $2,540 CAD
  • Kevlar®: $3,125 CAD
  • Ultralight: $3,250 CAD
  • Custom Kevlar®: $3,985 CAD
  • Pro Boat Layup: $4,185

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