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Jensen Tandem Racing P-3


The P-3 performs better in rougher water and is suitable for paddler who weigh over 180 lbs.


Clipper Canoes build two pro tandem racing canoes, the V-1 and P-3, both designed by Eugene Jensen. These are well known canoe racing designs that are built to be both stiff and fast. Both meet the 3/27 rule, which states that a canoe must be 27″ wide at the 3″ waterline in an 18 ½’ boat, and the beam must be a minimum of 33″ at the gunnel. The bow height is 14″-15″ and stern height is 8″.

The P-3 has a larger volume and is more stable than the V-1. The P-3 performs better in rougher water and is suitable for paddler who weigh over 180 lbs.

Both tandem racing canoes feature a skin coat two layer Kevlar® construction. Foam ribs stiffen the sides and act as an anchor point for the seats. The bow seat is fastened to a full size bulkhead. Both models feature a center half size bulkhead for additional stiffness. Bulkheads are manufactured with a structural marine foam core which is covered with Kevlar® cloth. The gunnels are composed of a three-layer combination of spruce and cedar.

The bow and stern seats are a bucket-style made available standard in Kevlar®; both seats are adjustable. Lighter-weight carbon seats are also available as an optional upgrade (contact your dealer for pricing on this option). The stern seat can be unbolted and moved, so that there are two different positions that the slider will work from. This gives teams with a large weight difference between the two paddlers with an easy and effective method of trimming their canoe. The stern position features an adjustable footbrace, while a mini glassed-in bulkhead will provide the optimal position for the bow footpad.

An optional self-bailer will add approximately one pound to the overall weight of the package (contact your dealer for pricing on this option).

Tandem racing canoes are sometimes referred to as proboats or 3/27 marathon canoes. There are minimum height for bow, center, and stern. The 3″ waterline width must be at least 27″ wide. Clipper manufactures two Jensen proboat designs.

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Standard Features: 

  • Skin Coat Two-Layer Kevlar or Basalt/Carbon Construction
  • Three-Layer Lightweight Spruce & Cedar Gunnel
  • Sliding Bow & Stern Graphite Bucket Seats
  • Adjustable Stern Footbrace
  • Glassed-In Bow & Center Bulkheads


  • Self Bailer

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  • Length: 18′ 6″
  • Beam: 33″  |  27″ @ 3″ Waterline
  • Bow Height: 16″
  • Stern Height: 11″
  • Center Height: 11″


  • Pro Boat Layup: 34 lbs



  • Pro Boat Layup: $4,295 CAD

Please call for current USD pricing.

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