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The Solitude provides versatility for a wide range of solo paddlers.


The Solitude provides versatility for a wide range of solo paddlers. As with all Jensen designed canoes, it is fast and tracks well. It is harder to turn than the Packer but responds well when leaned.

The seat is adjustable fore and aft, allowing for adjustments to the canoe’s trim. The paddler is also able to adjust the height of the seat. The lowest setting naturally provides the most stability, and is recommended for novice use. The middle height seat position is most commonly used. For training or competition, place the seat in the top position. Adjustments to the height of the seat must be done while on shore. The Solitude will keep up with most tandem canoes and is well suited for wilderness tripping.


Standard Features: 

  • Adjustable Bucket Seat (Slides Fore & Aft, 3 Vertical Positions)
  • Footbrace
  • Flotation Tanks
  • Bow & Stern Thwarts


  • Gunnel Covers
  • Black Trim Package
  • Custom Wood Trim Package
  • Foam Thigh Pads
  • Wilderness Lash System
  • Removable Flat or Contoured Yoke
  • Expedition Spray Skirt

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  • Length: 15′ 6″
  • Beam: 28″  |  30″ (@ 4″Waterline)
  • Bow Height: 16″
  • Stern Height: 14″
  • Center Height: 13″


  • Fiberglass: 52 lbs
  • Ultralight: 42 lbs

Printable Solitude Specification Sheet



  • Fiberglass: $1,895 CAD
  • Ultralight: $2,829 CAD

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Read the Clipper Solitude Review by Canoe & Kayak Magazine (requires Adobe Reader)


I really enjoy this canoe but have lost it to my wife I am afraid. I let her use it once and now can’t get it back. It is the fiberglass version at 52 pounds but feels lighter.

The tractor seat is comfortable an adjustable and the canoe handles very well in waves and wind. Lots of volume for gear and makes a fantastic tripper. I find that it tracks outstandingly well and is very fast. It’s easy to keep up with tandem canoes. It turns well, but it wouldn’t be a good choice for a designated whitewater fun boat.

Good all round boat. Stuffed with 200 pounds of gear and my own 250+ pounds it handles well and is a very good tripper for non-technical trips

Greg Storey (

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