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There are two requirements to successful canoeing – acquiring the proper skills and, and using the right kind of equipment. In most cases, individuals looking to get into the sport of canoeing are looking for something in one of the following categories:


Designed to haul you and your gear for multi-day trips. Whether it be the Bowron Lake Circuit, the Broken Group, the Nahanni or...

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These canoes are built with a squared off stern to accommodate a small electric or gas motor up to the equivalent of 3 hp max. ...

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Designed specifically for solo paddling, the canoes in this category range from river paddling to wilderness flat water paddling.

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Square Stern

Lean, mean and ready for competition. Tried and true designs that have the Clipper magic built into them.

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The Sea Clipse and the Sea-1 Canoe/Kayak hybrid gives paddlers the option to paddle in a canoe or kayak position, while the Q-S...

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Big Canoes

Whether its fishing, photography, or bird watching, day boats are ideal for the long days. Providing optimal stability is what ...

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