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Frequently Asked Questions

I plan on buying a fiberglass canoe. Why should I buy a Clipper over another brand?
Does a canoe’s width determine its stability?
If width isn’t the most important characteristic in determining a canoe’s stability, then what is?
What type of canoe should I use for ocean canoeing?
Why are footbraces used?
How old should children be before they are taken on their first overnight canoe trip?
Is Kevlar® worth the extra price compared to fiberglass?
What is meant by “trimming” a canoe?
Does a canoe need a keel in order to track properly?
Why do some canoes have seats that are placed low?
Why do many modern canoe designs have bow and stern profiles that are relatively straight vertical compared to traditional canoes with recurved bows and sterns?
What is the greatest cause of damage to canoes?
Is the carrying capacity of a canoe important?
I’ve been told by a so-called expert canoer that the seats in my Tripper are too low and that my bent shaft paddles are too short.
A friend told me not to buy a canoe that is constructed with rivets as they will leak. Is this true?

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