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Trim Options

**Note: Available for an additional charge
Canoe trims can change the appearance of your canoe as well as the functionality.
silver trim

Silver Trim

Standard aluminum trim with clear anodization for gunnels and thwarts. Clipper uses only sealed rivets below the gunnels, using a special caulking compound to ensure a water-tight hull.

All aluminum finishing inside the canoe, including thwarts, footbrace and seat hardware, is finished in silver-coloured aluminum. For Clipper models that come standard with a yoke, unless otherwise specified, yokes with a natural finish will be standard.

Black Trim

Black Trim

Aluminum Trim with black anodization is available as an optional upgrade. The cost is slightly more than the standard silver trim finishing, however black trim finishing enhances the appearance of your canoe, and is the finishing touch to your floating work of art. All aluminum finishing inside the canoe is finished in black aluminum when you choose this option.

Wood Frame

Wood Trim


Custom Wood Trim comes with straight grain ash inner and outer gunnels. Black walnut end plate decks with ash thwarts, hand grips and yoke provide an appealing visual effect. This finish is available on all standard models. In wet climates like the northwest, wood trim canoes should be stored inside. Overall canoe weights will increase 3 to 6 pounds. All surfaces are hand-sanded many times, and multiple coats of oil are applied by hand.

Note: For Canoes Like The Tripper, Tripper S And Sea Clipper, The Standard Sliding Bow Seats (Bucket) And Footbrace Should Still Be Used. Wood Web Seats Hung From The Gunnels In These Models Will Result In A Higher Center Of Gravity


Gunnel Cover

Gunnel Cover

Plastic gunnel protector. Available in black. Gunnel cover will add 3-4 lbs. to the canoe’s overall weight, but is a suggested upgrade when storing your canoe on the gunnel, or when high impact is expected on the gunnels. Additional charge on canoes already built.