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Sea Clipper

  • Base Price:
  • $3,095.00 CAD
  • $3,095.00 CAD
The length and freeboard of the Sea Clipper make it ideal for large lakes and ocean touring.
Available Colors:

performance system filler
The length and freeboard of the Sea Clipper make it ideal for large lakes and ocean touring.

The Sea Clipper was designed exclusively for Clipper Canoes by Eugene Jensen. Wilderness tripping and ocean canoeing were the driving force behind this design. The length and freeboard of the Sea Clipper make it ideal for large lakes and ocean touring. The bow helps keep the Sea Clipper tracking straight while the rocker and full stern provide control. The speed that has been built into the Sea Clipper provides an added element of safety for when conditions get rough and you need to get to shore quickly. With a load capacity of 1,000+ lbs, it will carry all you need for extended trips into the wilderness, or allow you to bring the whole family for an afternoon of canoeing.

For trips into remote destinations in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, an option is available where all of the seats, thwarts and the yoke can be made removable so that a 17’6″ Tripper can be nested inside the Sea Clipper. They fit snuggly together and can save money for trips that require a float plane. Call for details and prices.

Standard Features: 

  • Bucket Seats
  • Footbrace
  • Sliding Bow Seat
  • Flat Yoke with Fiberglass
  • Contoured Yoke in Kevlar®


  • Gunnel Covers
  • Black Trim Package
  • Foam Thigh Pads
  • Wilderness Lash System
  • Yoke (Standard On All Kevlar® Models)
  • Expedition Spray Skirt

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  • Length: 18′ 6″
  • Beam: 36″  |  32″ (@ 4″Waterline)
  • Bow Height: 23″
  • Stern Height: 21″
  • Center Height: 15″


  • Fiberglass: 68 lbs with foam core
  • Kevlar®: 62 lbs
  • Ultralight: 56 lbs

Printable Sea Clipper Specification Sheet



  • Fiberglass/Foam Core: $3,095 CAD
  • Kevlar®: $3,955 CAD
  • Ultralight: $4,195 CAD

Please call for current USD pricing.

Ultralight Sea Clipper - blacktrim and spray skirt lashing installed

Tumtum Lake - Upper Adams River Valley - Interior B.C.

Photo credit: S. Joyce



A Stroke In Time
"800 miles of Pacific Ocean. Two lifelong friends. One canoe. This self supported documentary brings you along an intense paddling journey through the Inside Passage from Lund, British Columbia to Juneau, Alaska. As wild as the region itself, this cinema verité style film provides an immersive experience into the heart and soul of wilderness canoe tripping and its many challenges and moments of self reflection. On a journey of a lifetime, Jake and Liam become students of the Earth, living wild and freely, basking in the sun and reveling in the storms. They listen to the lessons in the wind and the sea. Boundlessly curious about what lies beyond the next bend, they paddle on."
Check out the documentary on Jake and Liam's journey in their Sea Clipper, produced by Sun Dog Creations, here:


Recently, Pierre and Jennifer of Wild Raven Adventure sold everything they
own and are currently paddling all around N. America. In December of 2014
they got a brand new Clipper Sea Clipper and were paddling around the coast
of Florida. You can follow them at

Now that we have paddled more than a 1000km with the Sea Clipper canoe, we would like to write a review.

First of all, our intentions are not to compare the Sea Clipper (“SC”) and our old canoe (19’ Wenonah Itasca). Let’s start by saying that we are very impressed by the quality of the Sea Clipper.

Look: we love the look of that canoe. The color, finishing touch, the shape … Everything is well done.

Speed: good overall speed no matter if it is loaded or empty. We paddled with more that 500 pounds of material in it and we lost only a little bit of speed in comparison to the longer Wenonah.

Stability: the stability is outstanding no matter how big the waves are. The SC is stable no matter what. It is easy to turn back & forward with just enough rocker. Along the years, I always thought that stability and speed did not go hand in hand, but with the SC it does. On the same subject, Jennifer stays dried most of the time since she always sits in the bow (without wearing the skirt).

Feel: The SC does the job. It can take abuse in all kind of weather. It feels solid, sturdy and safe.

High lite: Other than all the positive point that we told previously, here are some of the other qualities of the SC.

The seat: very comfortable. They empty if they catch water. We did not have to do seat fitting.

Efficient space: even though the SC is shorter and narrower than our old canoe, we can load the same amount of gear with more ease. It is very efficient space.

We really enjoy the SC. It is a great canoe that fulfills our needs perfectly. We are so glad that we have the opportunity and privilege to paddle with it.

Thank you so much again

All the best!

Pierre & Jennifer


Our family lives in the PNW and regularly uses the Sea Clipper for both weekend and extended paddling trips. It’s very comfortable and handles well in bad weather. We are able to take several week trips easily and take two adults and two kids in the canoe plus all of our gear, food, and water. We have an old fiberglass version which is around 80 pounds. I can fairly easily carry the canoe on my shoulders and put it on the car. We love this canoe so much that we are thinking of selling it and getting a newer lighter kevlar version. We retro-fitted ours with loops so that we can attach a spray deck on to it, which dramatically increases it bad weather worthiness.

msteudel (


My wife and I are aredent paddlers and we own a 17′ prospector that is getting rather old in the tooth. We decided to purchase a new canoe and after much deliberation and testing, picked the Sea Clipper by Clipper Canoes. We have just returned from our maiden voyage on Clearwater/Azure lakes where we put our Sea Clipper through it’s paces. First, we loaded it to the gunwales and paddled 14 km to the our campsite. The Canoe was smooth and fast. We covered the distance effortlessly mainly because the tracking was excellent requiring few correction strokes. That afternoon, the wind picked up and produced some decent waves, approx. 2-3′ from trough to crest. We took the canoe out empty and played in the waves. The boat responded well to oncoming waves and broadside waves. We felt very safe and in control. Finally, we took the canoe up the Azure river, swollen from spring melt and recent rain and running quite fast. The Sea Clipper did very well crossing eddy lines and riding standing waves. It kept it’s head in cross currents. Overall, we are very happy with this boat and highly recommend it to anyone who requires a big boat for extended trips in big water.

gkj (


When I bought Sea Clipper 7 months ago I was looking for stable,high volume family canoe. I was amazed how fast it is even heavy loaded and how it maneuver easy loaded.  Seaworthiness is Excellent. I love the Sea Clipper and give it highest rating as family and expedition canoe.