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  • Base Price:
  • $2,650.00 CAD
  • $2,650.00 CAD
The Tripper's ample capacity will carry a family with kids or enough for an extended tandem wilderness trip.
Available Colors:
ice blue

performance system filler
The Tripper's ample capacity will carry a family with kids or enough for an extended tandem wilderness trip.

Versatile, fast, stable, and comfortable. The Tripper was first introduced in the spring of 1983. In its first year of production, the Tripper became Clipper’s most popular model and has remained the number one canoe of choice for paddlers in the Northwest.

Versatility is perhaps the Tripper’s most popular feature. It is at home on large lakes, open ocean, or up to grade III white water. The Tripper holds the world record for the longest continual canoe trip from Calgary, AB to Belen, Brazil (read the article here). The Tripper is the only canoe to be paddled across Canada in one season during the C2C Expedition from the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick to Vancouver, BC, in 1995 (read the article here).

The Tripper’s ample capacity will carry a family with kids or enough gear for an extended tandem wilderness trip. Its quick speed makes it a first choice for many races in the Northwest. Moderate rocker allows for quick maneuverability, yet a minimum of correction strokes are required to keep it on course. Paddle it with bent shaft paddles for maximum speed and efficiency.

The Tripper’s shallow arch hull provides good initial stability. Gently flared sides and relatively lowslung seats result in great secondary stability. Our specially molded seats are the most comfortable available.

The stern paddler is equipped with an adjustable footbrace, while the bow paddler can adjust the sliding bow seat and use the flotation tank as a footbrace. A footbrace will reduce lower back pain and shoulder stress and will eliminate the need to kneel, while at the same time increase your control of the canoe.

The fiberglass Tripper comes standard with Kevlar® reinforcing, anodized aluminum trim, plastic bucket seats, sliding bow seat, adjustable stern footbrace and portage yoke. Recommended optional accessories are a set of four foam thigh pads, a wilderness lash system for gear tie down and optional black aluminum trim. For wilderness tripping, a lace on spray skirt is available.

Standard Features: 

  • Bucket Seats
  • Sliding Bow Seat
  • Yoke
  • Footbrace
  • Flotation Tanks
  • Bow & Stern Thwarts


  • Vinyl Gunnel Covers
  • Black Trim Package
  • Foam Thigh Pads
  • Wilderness Lash System
  • Contoured Yoke (Standard On All Kevlar® Models)
  • Expedition Spray Skirt

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  • Length: 17′ 6″
  • Beam: 35″  |  33″ (@ 4″Waterline)
  • Bow Height: 21″
  • Stern Height: 18″
  • Center Height: 15″


  • Fiberglass: 71 lbs
  • Kevlar®: 58 lbs
  • Ultralight: 54 lbs

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  • Fiberglass: $2,650 CAD
  • Kevlar®: $3,795 CAD
  • Ultralight: $3,995 CAD

Please call for current USD pricing.

The Tripper garnered the most votes as the touring canoe the testers would buy on their own. Thanks to its solid performance, substantial volume, clean appearance, and moderate cost, the Tripper was paddled a lot. The Canadian-built Tripper turned well, and its final stability proved encouraging to novices. They discovered that its forgiving handling didn’t demand the sharpest paddling technique to extract what it had to give. An enthusiastic tester summary of the Tripper, “Its got everything…good speed, great stability, turns fine, tracks well, and you could haul a moose home…”
-Backpacker Magazine


Not only is this canoe deep and stable, but it’s fast . . . real fast for a 17 ½ footer. Maneuverability is exceptional, portaging easy, and if you’re a one-boat family bent on wilderness whitewater travel but still have a yen for a beafy security blanket, then check this baby out.

The layup of the Kevlar® foam core canoe supplied to us was excellent. Its first-rate finish work left no gelcoat voids, cloth wrinkles or tooling artifacts…Without gushing, let’s just say that the Tripper was one of the best-paddling, cruising-type canoes we’ve tried…In big lake swells and chop, the canoe performed flawlessly. Predictable handling, little tendency to broach in following seas and plenty dry, the Tripper won’t keep you windbound in much less than a gale.
–Tom Sebring, Canoe Magazine


We have owned our 17’6″ Tripper for 13 years. The problem for the manufactures is we still do not need a new one as the construction is very robust. We went with a Kevlar with gel coat assuming the gel coat would be more durable over repeated trips. This has been a good decision recognized we could have shaved a couple pounds. Most of its original use was on extended trips, however we have started to use it more recently for river races including the Ski to Sea in Bellingham. It is a quick boat and tracks very well for tripping, while having a little flare in the bow to stay dry in big waves and whitewater.

We have other canoes for specific purposes, but this canoe is with us for the long term as it does everything very well…and is exceptionally comfortable and stable.

Chris N (