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17′ Jensen

  • Base Price:
  • $2,985.00 CAD
  • $2,985.00 CAD
The 17' Jensen Recreation is the lightest tandem Jensen cruising canoe.
Available Colors:

performance system filler
The 17' Jensen Recreation is the lightest tandem Jensen cruising canoe.

The 17′ Jensen Recreation is the lightest tandem Jensen cruising canoe. At 58 pounds in fiberglass, it is stable and makes an excellent boat for the beginner day tripper. Paddlers of all skill levels will appreciate the ease of paddling and its straight tracking quality.

Eugene Jensen designed this canoe for the average paddler. It suits short outings, weekend trips and amateur racing. Its weight and good stability make it ideal for older paddlers, while its narrow width makes it a natural choice for smaller tandem paddlers. The seats are positioned low so that even the inexperienced will feel comfortable and stable. Excellent performance, lightweight, excellent stability, and excellent value. The 17′ Jensen has become the standard adventure racing canoe in Manitoba and will be the prominent canoe at the Canadian Nationals.

Standard Features: 

  • Bucket Seats
  • Footbrace
  • Flotation Tanks
  • Sliding Bow Seat
  • Center Thwart
  • Bow & Stern Thwarts
  • Foam Core


  • Vinyl Gunnel Covers
  • Black Trim Package
  • Foam Thigh Pads
  • Wilderness Lash System
  • Yoke (Contoured or Flat)

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  • Length: 17′
  • Beam: 33″  |  32″ (@ 4″Waterline)
  • Bow Height: 17″
  • Stern Height: 16″
  • Center Height: 12″


  • Fiberglass: 56 lbs with Foam Core
  • Ultralight: 46 lbs

Printable 17′ Jensen Specification Sheet



  • Fiberglass/Foam Core: $2,985 CAD
  • Ultralight: $3,980 CAD

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I wanted to write you and tell you how much my dad and I like our Clipper 17′ Jensen. We have owned our Jensen for 4 years now, and we love this canoe. It has won 3 state championships in the short recreational division and lots of other races. We feel our canoe has a personality like none of our other canoes. It refuses to loose. The glide on this canoe is awesome. It has a great natural glide, yet it also lets you keep pushing it faster when needed. The canoe also tracks and handles great in all types of water. A lot of people in our area (Pennsylvania) have never heard of Clipper Canoes, or your version of the Jensen. At races people commented on how nice it looked, and how it looked like it was made well. Now after a couple years the same people see how it performs and are asking us if it is still available to buy. We have told them about your website and to check them out. We couldn’t be happier with ours.

Recently I paddled with a new partner for one race while my dad tried a kayak. He was never in the canoe before, but has paddled numerous “cruising” type canoes before, and he was nervous about the stability of the canoe. The water was very high the day of the race. I told him he would be surprised the Jensen is stable. He was amazed. For such an efficient design the canoe is very stable, and glided effortlessly through the rough water.

We also use the canoe for all types of canoeing in lakes and rivers that are under class 2. It is a very user friendly canoe that is stable, has great glide, and tracks great. Our Jensen has also held up very well.
The quality is top notch. We really enjoy our Clipper 17′ Jensen.
-Will Koenig, Lancaster, PA.


I have owned our 17′ fiberglass Jensen for about 3 years now. It is by far the best cruising canoe I have ever owned, expect maybe for the 18′ Clipper Jensen we just bought. It is VERY fast, but to new to compare it yet. But compare to Wenonah’s 17′ Jensen which we used to own. The Clipper 17′ Jensen is much better. It is better made, has a stiffer hull, and in my father and mine’s opinion is faster. We race it in rec classes races and the canoe always performs great. This canoe is one of the fastest short rec class racing canoes I have seen on the water. Tracks great, and has an awesome glide. There don’t seem to be many reviews of Clipper canoes, but they are worth a serious look. My family owns three Clipper canoes, and we love them all. They perform better than Wenonahs similar models (Jensen), although slightly heavier, in my opinion they are made better.

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