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  • Base Price:
  • $10,175.00 CAD
  • $10,175.00 CAD
This model currently not in active production.
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performance system filler
This model currently not in active production.

The 25' Voyageur I canoe can easily handle up to 10 paddlers and is primarily used for racing. Please be advised, we do not recommend the Voyageur I for camps, kids groups or tours. The Voyageur is a fast canoe but it is not as stable or user friendly as the Langley or Voyageur II. Both of these offer better secondary and initial stability than the Voyageur I

The 25′ Voyageur canoe, the first Big Canoe built by Clipper, can easily handle up to 10 paddlers. Modelled after the Voyageur Centennial canoe, the Voyageur characterizes a tried-and-true canoe design. Ideally suited for experienced crews, the Voyageur can be paddled in many conditions from ocean to extended wilderness expeditions on large lakes. The straight keel line of the Voyageur gives it excellent tracking ability. Its slightly rounded hull shape will make it fast; however, it is not quite as stable for novice use as is the Voyageur II or Langley. The Voyageur has been used extensively as a training craft for dragon boat racing. As unlikely as it sounds, the Voyageur has even been used to pull water skiers!

The Voyageur has been paddled in many types of conditions. Puget Sound is crossed regularly and Georgia Straight has been crossed between Nanaimo and Horseshoe Bay. One crossing saw breaking waves of 8 to 10 feet. The safety boats had returned to Nanaimo… but the Voyageur canoes wouldn’t be stopped.

Large canoes are often referred to as WAR Canoes, particularly in articles written in the early 1900’s. Today we often refer to them as ‘Big Canoes’ encompassing the many 22’+ styles and shapes paddled in North America today.

  • Aluminum thwarts for maintenance-free durability
  • Seats standard with styrofoam 4.5″ x 10″ to provide maximum flotation
  • Center two seats removable for cargo storage
  • Fiberglass seat rail for extra strength
  • Interior gunnel 1.25″ x 1.25″
  • End chambers filled with styrofoam for additional buoyancy
  • Hull reinforced with 1/2″ marine structural foam
  • Keel line reinforced with Kevlar and s-glass
  • Outer gunnel constructed from customized vinyl extrusion for maintenance-free durability.

Big Canoe Voyageur Features

Note: Voyageur displayed in image.

Please inquire for pricing on these options: Birst Bark Paint, Sail, Drop Skeg, Removable Center Seats.

Max # of Paddlers: 10


  • Length: 25′
  • Beam: 48″
  • Bow Height: 36″
  • Stern Height: 36″
  • Center Height: 19″


  • Fiberglass: 240 lbs
  • Kevlar®: 206 lbs


  • Fiberglass: $10,175 CAD
  • Kevlar®: $13,175 CAD