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Canoe Transport

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canoe cart


This cart is tough, durable, corrosion and UV resistant. It collapses down to easily store in a canoe. Wheels are 16″x4″ with polyethylene rims. Wheels are large enough to roll over large rocks and roots. Tube type tires will not roll off the rim if pressure is reduced for soft terrain. Large pad surface distributes load to protect the canoe bottom. Weight: 21 lbs. Capacity: 350 lbs.

canoe foam


A simple, easy way to transport a canoe on almost any vehicle. Low cost and versatile, the canoe foam blocks fit over the gunnels. Using Cam Buckle straps that pass through both the front and rear doors or windows as well as bow and stern lines, you can quickly and safely secure the canoe to the vehicle.

cam straps

CAM STRAPS $8.95 – $10.95

Cam straps are the quickest, simplest and safest way to secure a canoe to your cartop. A padded buckle protects the canoe from scratching. “Available in 10′, 12′ and 15′ lengths. Most kayaks will use a pair of 10′ straps and for most canoes a pair of 12′ straps are suitable.”